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- About Jervaulx Singers

We are based in North Yorkshire and perform across the UK. The group comprises some of the country's finest professional voices, all passionate about giving expressive, beautiful performances. 

We present a wide range of repertoire, putting sacred and secular choral music alongside opera extracts and solo songs to create programmes that convey narrative whilst giving display to the group’s individual voices. We also host an annual opera gala, semi-staging repertoire both familiar and new from across the centuries.


The ensemble have thrilled audiences since their start in 2021, and have performed at the Grassington Festival, the Swaledale Festival, the Peak Music Concert Society and the University of Leeds Concert Series, with upcoming performances in the Wensleydale Concert Series and for the Friends of Coverham Church. 

- Our story

Charlie Gower-Smith and Jenny Bianco (pictured) met at a local village toddler group and became friends over a shared love of music. Both wanting to make more music with others after starting families, they decided to form an ensemble together. Jervaulx Singers was born from a shared love of telling stories through singing. 

- Our name

Jervaulx Singers take their name from Jervaulx Abbey. Once a great Cistercian abbey, the ruin is a much-loved local landmark, near to both Charlie and Jenny's homes. 

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